Polished Peppermint Flavor (4oz) 113g


Natural Probiotic Whitening Toothpaste

• Balances Healthy Oral Bacteria
• Gently Whitens Teeth
• Fights Plaque
• Freshens Breath
• Polished Peppermint flavor
• With Dead Sea Salt & White Turmeric
• No fluoride, parabens, SLS, saccharin, triclosan or artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors

ORALGEN NuPearl Sparkling Spearmint Whitening Probiotic Oral Care Toothpaste helps balance healthy oral bacteria, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. 

Oral health plays a central role in overall wellness. Your mouth works diligently to produce protective, beneficial bacteria that can support not only your teeth and gums, but your body’s natural defenses as well. Artificial ingredients and chemicals found in many popular toothpastes are harsh enough that they could decimate these beneficial bacteria leaving you without a crucial layer of protection. 

Rather than wipe out these helpful bacteria, help keep them balanced by incorporating ORALGEN NuPearl Whitening Probiotic Oral Care Toothpaste, which harnesses the power of heat-treated probiotics. 

Why Heat Treated Probiotics? 

According to recent studies, heat treated probiotics may help prevent harmful microbes from surviving past your mouth’s protective barrier and deliver an immunity boost in a safer manner than a live probiotic for oral use might be able to. As an added benefit, these probiotics may also support the balance of bacteria in the gut. 

Natural Ingredients for A Whiter-Looking Smile 

This minty-fresh formula contains simple ingredients for a cleaner, fresher, and brighter-looking smile. White turmeric helps fight plaque while dead sea salt polishes teeth to remove surface stains. ORALGEN has also incorporated xylitol, a natural sugar that has proven to be an effective tool to help protect teeth from harmful bacteria.

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