NuBright™ LED Light for NuPearl: Advanced Teeth Whitening Technology

  • Replacement LED Light for NuPearl Advanced Whitening Systems
  • FDA-Cleared NuBright LED Brightening Technology
  • Comfortable, flexible whitening tray for all mouth types
  • Convenient retainer case for storage


Maintain your teeth whitening routine with the NuPearl Advanced NuBrightTM LED Brightening Light Replacement Kit. Each kit includes the revolutionary NuBright LED Brightening Light for professional whitening results, our comfortable mouth tray with a flexible, accommodating design, and a retainer case to keep everything safe, secure, and sanitary. 

NuPearl's Advanced Teeth Whitening Systems are unique in that they utilize technology that makes them comparable to expensive whitening treatments offered in a dentist's office. The procedure is similar - the potent whitening gel is applied to teeth while exclusive NuBright LED technology uses low intensity lights, emitting high levels of brightness in a single direction on the whitening gel, delivering professional results in just minutes! 

The NuPearl  Advanced NuBright LED Brightening Light Replacement Kit is an excellent option for those who have misplaced certain pieces of the NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System, or would like to switch out their old whitening equipment. For best results, use with NuPearl Pro or NuPearl 32x whitening gel.

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