Professional whitening can be inconvenient, timely, and expensive, while at-home treatments are messy and don't always provide the results you expect to see from a dentist.

Our NuPearl® series is designed with these factors in mind, to provide professional-level results at a fraction of the cost. Our whitening systems are designed with our unique, FDA-cleared mouthpiece while our brightening gels utilize dentist-recommended ingredients for a healthier, brighter smile. Both our 32x and PRO series are free of Latex, Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium Fluoride, PEG/PPG, and Gluten, while 32x also contains no peroxide for less sensitivity.

See vivid results with our exclusive NuBright™ LED Technology, used to comfortably lift stains and discoloration, while our convenient Perfecting Whitening Pen boasts the same whitening power for touch-ups, travel, and tough-to-reach spots.

Now you can Smile Brightly & Smile Often with NuPearl by ORALGEN!

What is the main difference between the ORALGEN NuPearl “Pro” and “32x” Systems?

ORALGEN NuPearl Pro offers fast, professional whitening results, formulated with powerful ingredients, like 12% Hydrogen Peroxide.

In contrast, ORALGEN NuPearl 32x is designed for sensitive teeth and uses a natural botanical whitening peroxide-free gel formula.

What makes ORALGEN NuPearl different from other professional whitening systems?

Whether you opt for the Pro or 32x System, you can enjoy the benefits and quality of professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. ORALGEN NuPearl® products are all dentist-recommended and include NuBright™ LED Technology, whitening gel and natural peppermint essential oil to provide visibly whiter teeth in just minutes.

While many people desire the results of bleaching, at-home whitening products contain large concentrations of chemicals that can damage healthy teeth and gums. ORALGEN NuPearl is safe for enamel, gentle on teeth, and free from harsh ingredients, including: Latex, Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium Fluoride, PEG/PPG, and is Gluten-Free. See significant changes in tooth color without the damaging effects of other whitening processes that can harm sensitive teeth and gums.

What is included in the ORALGEN NuPearl System?

Both ORALGEN NuPearl System options include the following in the box:
(2) 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
(1) Perfecting Whitening Pen (2.5 ml)
(1) Mouth Tray with detachable NuBright™ LED
(1) Mouth Tray Container
(1) Professional Shade Guide

How does the whitening gel work?

Most whitening systems bleach teeth stains to conceal them. Instead, ORALGEN NuPearl whitening gel uses a patented anionic cleaning technology that actually lifts and removes stains from the pores of your teeth for longer lasting results. This unique technology is dentist-formulated and coupled with a flexible mouth tray to ensure a perfect fit for any mouth size.

How much teeth whitening gel do I need?

Each 5ml syringe delivers approximately 5 applications. 

How long should I whiten my teeth?

When using the ORALGEN NuPearl Pro System, we recommend 20 minutes per application. For the ORALGEN NuPearl 32x System, 10-20 minutes per application has proven to show visible results over time.

When will I start to see results?

While results will vary by user, most see a visible difference after one week of regular use.

Are there any precautions to be aware of?

When using ORALGEN NuPearl products, be aware of the following precautions:

  • Use as directed
  • If irritation or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use
  • These effects are generally mild, temporary, and not harmful
  • If you are in need of dental work, have dental work, or have staining from medication, ask your dentist if a whitening product is appropriate for you
  • Intended for natural teeth only, will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings, or dentures
  • Avoid contact of gel with eyes, clothes, leather, or fabric
  • Do not use if pregnant or lactating
  • Not a substitute for regular dental visits
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not intended for use with children under the age of 16
  • Store in a cool, dry place