About Oralgen

At ORALGEN, we want you to smile often, and smile with confidence. Sadly, many people hide their smiles because of discoloration.

Professional whitening can be inconvenient, timely, and expensive, while at-home treatments are messy and don't always provide the results you expect to see from a dentist.

Our NuPearl® series is designed with these factors in mind, to provide professional-level results at a fraction of the cost. Our whitening systems are designed with our unique, FDA-cleared mouthpiece while our brightening gels utilize dentist-recommended ingredients for a healthier, brighter smile. Both our 32x and PRO series are free of Latex, Parabens, Sulfates, Sodium Fluoride, PEG/PPG, and Gluten, while 32x also contains no peroxide for less sensitivity.

See vivid results with our exclusive NuBright™ LED Technology, used to comfortably lift stains and discoloration, while our convenient Perfecting Whitening Pen boasts the same whitening power for touch-ups, travel, and tough-to-reach spots.

Now you can Smile Brightly & Smile Often with NuPearl by ORALGEN.

Look Who's Loving NuPearl®

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With NuBright LED technology, our whitening system penetrates the toughest stains
You can find us in Allure's Beauty Briefcase!
Find NuPearl.32x at Expo East as a 2017 Nexty Beauty Product Finalist
We Are Austin highlighted NuPearl.32x for their "Beauty Boosters" segment
Jeannine Morris on the Daily Glow loves NuPearl for on-the-go whitening!
No matter if you want the kit or a travel-sized pen, we have the solution for you!